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Binding the Missing Pieces

He heals the brokenhearted, and binds up their wounds. Psalm 147:3


It creeps up out of no where. Your day begins just like any other, You get up. You get dressed. Go about your normal routine.

But, then something feels off. Different. Out of place. Out of sync. Your normal routine feels off balance. And, deep down inside something inside of you begins to break. Your heart. The one that is missing a significant piece of that normal routine.

For me all it took was the morning paper. Picked up from outside on a Sunday in which I should have been at church. A Sunday after I dropped my son off for his first year at college. 9 hours away.

A simple newspaper. A routine that was off, A reminder that something was different. That a piece of my daily life was missing. A floodgate of emotions and tears that began with a hole in the pit of my heart.

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” Matthew 5:4

In our lives we will have moments of brokenness. Moments when our hearts are lonely. Times when the holes in them are so huge it doesn’t seem anything can patch them up. Maybe for you it is grief. Maybe it is that friend who lives far away, or the one you don’t speak to often enough. Maybe it is those words you never said. Maybe it is your son, daughter, niece, nephew starting a new life in a different place. The memories probably flood your heart, tearing away at the hole that resides there. All triggered by a scent, a memory, a date, a word, or a Sunday paper.

And, you feel it. That part of you that is missing.

But, God…He binds those wounds of loneliness. Of grief. He fills those holes left from those unsaid words. Those many miles.

He fills our hearts with the missing pieces. With the promise that we will be reunited with the ones we love.

He fills us with peace when we begin to worry.

He fills us with His steady love when we feel lonely, and provides us with comfort when the Sunday paper becomes a source of our mourning.

He takes the black holes in our hurting hearts. The wet tears in our crying eyes. The deep fears that fill the depths of our souls, and rights our out of sync routine.

God. Despite our loneliness, He can fill our incomplete hearts.


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