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Just keep praying

“She called me 5 minutes before we were supposed to be there and said she changed her mind.”

This is the response received when asking for the outcome of a meeting I had to miss. But what no one knew was that 5 minutes before they were supposed to be in that room, someone was praying miles and miles away in a different room. Praying for one so many had already given up on. Praying a family would be given the opportunity to show a young soul that no one was giving up.

God had answered my prayer. And this conversation triggered another one had over a year before. One that wasn’t so grace-filled.

I sat in the meeting, reporting needs, data, and the potential for those “needs” to not be met based on things beyond my control. I sat there thinking of all the pitfalls and solutions when I heard it-a mocking tone from across the room: “Maybe we can just pray about it. Isn’t that what works?”

I don’t recall how long that meeting ran on after that. I don’t recall what was decided. What else was said. What I was being asked to do. Because I sat stunned that my faith has been put on display as some kind of joke. That mocking a praying woman was OK.

It wasn’t the first time I had been told prayer was ridiculous. Praying has always been deemed silly by those who don’t believe in its power. Its power to change people. To move mountains of circumstances. To heal.

I wish I had been strong enough that day to list all the ways in which prayer had “worked.” The proof I had that all that had unfolded, the roadblocks moved had not just been mere coincidence.

The prayers I uttered in corner offices that the most vulnerable would be safe and secure as they passed over the threshold I had soaked with prayers of protection. And the countless wee ones who passed through and stayed because “it’s safe in here.”

The prayers uttered for tough conversations, reconciliation, and healing of hurts I never inflicted.

No one will convince me that the call made within those 5 minutes was mere coincidence. That this time or all the others before, God had not heard the pleas of my heart.

No. I am convinced on that day God desired the same thing, and he worked it out. Just as He will continue to each and every time I ask.

And while it may not be as evident as a call 5 minutes before a meeting, each time I come to Him with the burdens of my heart. He will work it out in His way. His time.

Because despite anyone’s thoughts that what you are praying for may not be worthy. May be silly. May be useless. Keep on praying anyway. He hears you. He wants to answer you. He cares about what’s on your heart.

You can pray for anything, and if you have faith, you will receive it. Matthew 21:22

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I’ve got the joy, joy, joy

Always be joyful. Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18


Grunts. Kicks. Moans. All by 8:30 in the morning.

Complaints about what is in the fridge to eat. Complaints about the days plans. Words like these: “Grateful? For what?”

These words were muttered into not our first week, but our SECOND week at the beach.

Let me say that again…our SECOND week.

And, yet; there wasn’t anything of which to be grateful?

For the last several months or so I have been pondering the concept of joy, and what it truly means. Is it being happy because everything is going as planned? Is it having all the things? Accomplishing all the things?

No. Because you can have all the things, and still not be joyful.

You can eat the finest food, and still complain it’s too salty or not salty enough.

You can have an abundance of money, and still not be satisfied with what that money can buy; always wanting more.

You can defeat your toughest challenge. Run your toughest race. Play your best game, and still complain that your time wasn’t as good as last time, or that you missed too many shots.

Or…you can have two weeks at the beach, and complain that you sat too long at the ocean. The sand feels funny. It’s too windy. Just to name a few.

This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24


It comes from giving praise for the things you do have. Even if you don’t have it all. Giving praise for what is going well, even if other things just aren’t that great.

It comes from looking around you each day and expressing thanks for all that has been given.

For me, it began with examining whether my own heart was expressing joy, or expressing grunts and grumbles. With sitting down each day after some of the hardest days at work, and jotting down at least one thing that went well. Even if it was only ONE thing.

It started with one. Then two. Until now, each morning, I begin my day with three. Three things for which I am grateful.

And while there are definitely days I don’t get it right, and still grumble; having a daily list of things that are good. That fill my heart with joy. Well, it helps me shrug off some of the junk in life a little bit easier.

Being stuck in traffic means we have the ability to travel.

Being sticky and sandy means I spent the day at the beach.

Running out of my favorite chips means I had food to eat in the first place.

Not coming in first place means I started something. And I finished.

It means that when life throws me something besides joy, I can still find it.

And encourage others to look for it, too.

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