I am a wife, mother of three, children’s pastor, and student of counseling who makes it through the day with my coffee, my journal, and my God.

In my search for more time with Him, I found myself up many nights after trying to get our youngest son (who has mild autism, and often wakes at night) back to sleep, not being able to go back to sleep. Instead, I would brew a cup of coffee, stay up, read the Bible, and spend much needed time with God. Having a son with autism is not easily explainable to many people. Most still do not understand the illness and the struggles parents and children face, and I found myself feeling alone. This is when I began to write. I shared with God in these journals my fears, my struggles, my anger with Him at times, and the parts of my life I could not muster the strength to share with others.

His gentle urging told me many could benefit from my struggles, from my ability to be vulnerable, and from how I continually seek His guidance and will in every situation. So this blog was born. I hope to give some insight to the power of His presence in my life, and share with you some of my 4am, caffeinated journal ramblings. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

God Bless, January

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